August 29, 2012

Dark & Vampy with Some Hard Metal

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I have been lusting after deep, dark, vampy nails. I present to you Essie Carry On. It's exactly what I was looking for. Excuse the messy cuticle area, it's a little difficult on darker polishes to make it look super neat. I'm not one of those awesome nail bloggers who clean up the cuticle after I'm done. However, looking at this mani it kinda makes me wish I did do a little clean up. It was pretty opaque in two coats so that made me happy. So many of the colors like this were described as jelly and I knew I didn't want to have to build 3-4 coats of such a dark polish. That just spelled disaster waiting to happen.

For this mani, I went for the metallic/foil polish. It's a dusty blue with silver all swirled into one. It took about two coats for this mani. I feel like I got tip wear pretty easily with this so I was kinda sad about that. Especially, because this polish is "Lasting Finish Pro - Up to 10 Days," I expected a little more. Either way it still applied easily and I love the finished look!

What are you wearing on your nails today?! Let us know!!



Anonymous said...

Is the carry on nail polish what stefanie used in the sephora gift card video. I've been searching the stores for the past few days for that color and can't find it. Love you girls!!! Thanks for all the insight!


Unknown said...

Hi Julie! She's actually wearing essie mink muffs which is a lighter cocoa brown color :)

Unknown said...

i have now a french manicure :) thats my favourite, sinple and easy to do :)

curlzgirl704 said...

I drew inspiration from this post & the glitter gradient post. I have dark "vampy" nails (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear-Flirt) with gold glitter gradient (Sally Hansen Gem Crush-Big Money) Thanks for feeding my addiction lol [=

Unknown said...

How do you girls keep your nails so square and not break?! i try so hard to make mine square and once i do it's like my nails break soon after :( or while they're in the process of growing up.. I want cute square nails!!

Unknown said...

I keep trying to get my nails to grow long... I fail and end up picking at them lol.. by the way, I entered your giveaway, real excited (:

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