February 14, 2012

An eleventhgorgeous NAIL POLISH!!

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If you guys have been following us on facebook and twitter then you might have heard about the contest we were a part of with Birchbox and Zoya! We were asked to create a mood board inspired by the spring and summer that might get turned into our very own nail polish! To win this awesome contest, you guys voted for us to be in the top three and now it's going to happen!

Our polish, along with two other gorgeous colors, will be available to purchase as the Zoya Blogger Collection on  birchbox.com in April!

We are so excited to see our nail polish when it comes out! This never would have been possible without all of your support!! Thank you so much to everyone who voted and helped make this happen! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel because we will be giving some of the sets away soon!

<3 EG


Paige said...

Congratulations you two really deserve it! You guys are so real and so fun and so sweet! I hope all goes well with the polish! Love you guys! #EGforever

Anonymous said...

oooomggg.... that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jealous!!!!!!!!!!!

maddy c said...

That is so cool that I helped contributed to a new nail polish

Heather said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see the finished polish!

GlitterNailsCarley_13 said...

congrats you to deserve it so much , young people like me (im 13) look up to use, yous are living a very good life, and i defiantly look up to use, I LOVE YOUS ! yous are fricken AMAZING! <3

Mariam said...

OMG Thats so cool! Yall totally deserve it! Im going to go out and get me some ;) when it comes out lol

Unknown said...

thanks!!! <3

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