February 16, 2012

RiRi's $5000 MANICURE?!?!

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We are all for an awesome mani, but how much is too much? At the 2012 Grammy's Rihanna rocked a new nail polish by Red Carpet Manicure that contains a full once of 24k gold retailing at $5000!! It's a pretty gold color but nothing unique about this polish! (Other than the fact that it's made with GOLD!) All in all we think its a bit excessive RiRi!

What do you guys think about Rihanna's mani?

The manicure of the night definitely goes to Adele for her Louboutin inspired nails! ♥her



Kaylaa(: said...

I love the color, but not for 5000 dollars.

Anonymous said...

what is up with everyone having claws for nails? NOT attractive!

Tracy and Stefanie said...

peacelovevogue, we totally agree!! NO CLAW NAILS!!

13R4NDi said...

and what's up with the pointy trend?!

Sarah said...

I luv u adele ;)

Nico said...

Rhi Rhi's hands need lotion. For a $5000 manicure, wouldn't they throw in some buffing and lotion for those hands? YUCK.

Love.Noelle said...

I lovee almond shaped nails & I lovee the fact that its trending again.
I'm def gonna try louboutin shaded nails :)
But $5K is a lot to spend on nails. Smh. That could've gone to charity !

Check out my lil nail blog please.

Mariam said...

I would never pay that much for a mani even if I had the money thats really dumb in my opinion

Kat said...

Adele's nails are quite clever! It's oddly cute and funny.

AP Bio_Isabella_L said...

Nico, i sooooo agree!!! :)

MaryBeth said...

The gold shade is gorgeous, but seriously, 5k for nail polish? Rhianna should forget about the nail polish and try exfoliating and moisturising her hands.

Katie said...

wow crazy town.

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