February 15, 2012

The Hunger Games - "Colours from the Capital"

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So, while everyone is anticipating the release of the movie "The Hunger Games" on March 23rd, we nail polish fanatics are just as excited for the new nail polish collection from China Glaze! Have you heard of it?? What are your thoughts and which ones are you ready to get your hands on?

Each district has a corresponding nail polish color based on their industry:

District 1 - Luxury items for the Capitol - Luxe and Lush
District 2 - Masonry - Stone Cold
District 3 - Technology/Mechanics - Riveting
District 4 - Fishing - Hook and Line
District 5 - Power - Electrify
District 6 - Transportation - Fast Track
District 7 - Lumber - Mahogany Magic
District 8 - Textiles - Dress Me Up
District 9 - Grain - Harvest Moon
District 10 - Livestock - Foie Gras
District 11 - Agriculture - Agro
District 12 - Coal Mining - Smoke and Ashes

The collection should start appearing in stores on or around March 1st!



Jdb98 said...

I am so excited it's not even funny!!!!!

Tracy and Stefanie said...

I know us too!! eeep <3

girlygirly7 said...

I posted this on one of ur instagram pics :)

Diane Cristi said...

Riveting is my favorite!!!


Tracy and Stefanie said...

I'm excited for Fast Track, Electrify, and Riveting!! I want all of them!!! <3

Melissa Coleman said...

Yes... I made a post about it last week. Luxe and Lush is so different, i'm excited about it and Fast Track.


HeidiAdeleSnyder said...


HeidiAdeleSnyder said...

Can't wait to purchase!!!

Sarah said...

i can't wait

Amelia said...

MARCH 23!! BESTEST DAY EVERR. Luxe and Lush omgg.

Unknown said...

its too long of a wait!!

Claire said...

I really want Electrify and Agro! I'm soooooo excited! :D

Mariam said...

I feel like Im the only person who hates this collection, its just not me oh well cant wait for the nest collection

Unknown said...

i can not wait!!!! i am addicted to the hunger games!!!<3

Shine said...

So I went to Sally today and asked about when they would have them. The wonderful sales associate went to the back and brought out the entire collection and told me to pick whatever I wanted. I got the whole collection!!! Doesn't hurt to ask!

The Shrinking Cat said...

My lovely mother got me the whole collection for my birthday! Unfortunately I'm in a temporary living situation (involves a burst pipe and an inch of water over carpet...long story) so I haven't gotten to swatch them, but I'm sure they're all GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

I love the ones that I got! I'm wearing riveting right now and it's so pretty! It looks good with matte topcoat too!

Shine said...

Harvest moon is so much prettier than the picture!

Katie said...

love that colors.


Laura Matson said...

I have Agro, Fast Track, Luxe&Lush, and Electrify!
I love them all. Electrify is one of my favs to wear on my toes, for sure!!!!


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